Texas Bans Fracking Bans, As Earthquake Connection Is Conclusive

What to do when towns want to ban fracking in a state? Ban them from doing so like Texas just did [update: as of June 1, Oklahoma did the same].

No fracking bans allowed, says the Texas legislature in a bill, after being rattled by Denton’s ban, passed by voters in 2014 election. The city was also besieged with a lawsuit within a day of the vote.

Colorado towns that banned fracking have also been fighting off the state (and oil industry), and Oklahoma and others are considering the same laws, where state law preempts anything passed by local governments. 

All fingers point to ALEC’s model laws.

And this is after scientists conclusively linked the surge in earthquakes to wastewaster injected underground during the fracking process. This can activate ancient, dormant faults, says the US Geological Survey, and is affecting formerly stable areas in eight states: Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma and Texas.

Even Oklahoma‘s Geological Survey acknowledges the connection. The state is dealing with hundreds of tremors a year.

Los Angeles banned fracking partially because of the threat of earthquakes and Ohio requires monitoring during fracking.

Earthquakes from 2009-2012: small dots indicate small earthquakes, larger dots indicate bigger ones: Fracking earthquakes

Oh, and in Pennsylvania, scientists have finally conclusively found fracking chemicals in drinking water.

Frack Free Denton is fighting back to protect their right to "home rule."  They want fracking banned because: 

Air: Fracking is a major reason why Denton has the most unhealthy air and highest rates of childhood asthma in Texas.

Water: Fracking a single well contaminates 4-8 million gallons of precious freshwater forever.

Health & Safety: Denton residents pay the costs of pollution, toxic spills, and blowouts.

Economy: Fracking is a drag on economic development and accounts for only 0.2% of Denton’s economy.

Learn more:

Website: http://frackfreedenton.com/     
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