Canada Becoming Climate Change Villain

Canada, having sold its soul to tar-sand interests, has become a "corrupt petro-state" single-handedly attempting to undermine global climate change negotiations, according to environmental journalist George Monbiot.

In a column published Monday in The Guardian, Monbiot writes that Canada has transformed from an even-handed, well-respected member of the Commonwealth of Nations to a destructive "villain," with plans to strip-mine an area of Alberta the size of England.

Under Conservative leadership, Canada has proven that Kyoto Protocol targets–which are supposed to be legally binding–mean nothing if ignored. In addition, the nation blocked the Commonwealth from supporting binding emissions targets for industrialized nations in 2007 and continues obstructionist methods in ongoig negotiations.

Canada is to climate change what Japan is to whaling, Monbiot writes: "Unless we can stop it, the harm done by Canada in December 2009 will outweigh a century of good works."

"The immediate threat to the global effort to sustain a peaceful and stable world comes not from Saudi Arabia or Iran or China. It comes from Canada."

Read the full piece at the link below.

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