Sustainable Community Guide

The Hockerton Housing Project is the UK’s first earth-sheltered, self-sufficient ecological housing development. The group now offers services to help people create their own communities, based on the Hockerton experience. They offer tours, presentations, and the publication, The Sustainable Community – A Practical Guide.

Setting up a sustainable community involves challenges related to planning, legal and financial issues, as well as new building techniques and technologies. Living in a sustainable community involves many other attributes including new skills and ways of relating to others.

The 52-page guide is designed to help others plan and set up their own sustainable projects. The main sections include:

* Key Issues: it identifies 28 key issues, including community, legal, financial, planning and design subjects. For each issue, the guide presents an explanation of the main considerations, tips, and details of how they managed the issue.

* Directory of contacts of organizations linked to key issues.

* Directory of useful resources

* General information about sustainable communities and key barriers to developing them.

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