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09/20/2015 10:19 AM ET   
News from: Inari Holding

Agratech Farms: Water Conservation With Hydroponic Farming

Agratech Farms: The world at large is running low in essential resources and since water is one of them, saving it is a primary issue that has become quite a challenge nowadays.

September 4th, 2015 - As one of the largest commercial hydroponic operators, Agratech Farms aims to become the largest in the world.

Recently it has begun reviewing ways to conserve water through hydroponic farming. This method of farming is purely dependant on water laded with nutrients and relative traditional farming methods and it already consumes 90% less water. Agratech intends to further reduce the consumption of water in its hydroponic farming facilities.

The world at large is running low in essential resources; with water being one of them, saving it has become a challenge globally. In order to contribute to this cause, Agratech Farms constantly analyzes its existing technologies to find a way to better manage the consumption of water. Today 70% of the world's water is used in traditional agriculture.

The fundamental use of water in growing plants hydroponically, also uses coconut shell fibers and Styrofoam to hold the plants at the correct angle. Under which, the roots float in the water that quenches both their thirst and provides the essential nutrients.

A spokesperson from Agratech says, "If managed more efficiently, we can actually conserve 90% water in hydroponics farming. We intend to play our part in the conservation of water, as that is the essence of this method of farming. Not to mention Agratech's underlying goal is to contribute in every way we can to the environment."

"We also grow high-quality hydroponic produce 'Daily Fresh'. Using the latest water saving and hydroponic techniques we have developed sustainable hydroponic farms that promote our "green" agriculture initiative."

With Agratech's vision to develop and educate the next generation with relevant hydroponic farming and agricultural knowledge, Head Quartered in Dubai UAE; Agratech have also introduced hydroponic investments for private, commercial and industry buyers and also established firm bases of operation in Hong Kong, the Capital of Romania, Madrid in Spain, and now Lisbon in Portugal.

The spokesperson continued, "Many of the mentioned countries lack arable land and climactic requirements needed for the mass production of food. Agratech's Vision is to provide self sufficiency in agriculture to these regions all the while obtaining an even higher conservation rate of water."

Our technology allows us to grow 365 days a year in any climate using state of the art technology that regulates the climate inside our closed High Tech greenhouse, a series of sensors, coolers and heaters allows uniformed production all year round.

About Agratech
Agratech aims to be one of the largest operators of hydroponic farming facilities in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and Europe from their strategic base in the United Arab Emirates.

It strives to improve the world's food security imbalances with technologically advanced farming techniques coupled with clean and ethical farming practices that produce fresh, healthy fruit and vegetables.

Equipped with the vision to educate, teach and develop the next generation throughout the globe with relevant farming and agricultural knowledge, they also continue their local-to-local philosophy to ensure job creation and economic safety throughout the region.

Dedicated to balance being a successful business as well as a socially responsible one, they aim to construct over 100 hectares of hydroponic farm land by 2020, but also to donate produce to the United Nations and World Health Organization.

For more information please contact:

Bogdan Ureche Development Manager
Agratech Farms

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