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07/30/2014 02:11 PM ET   
News from: Moon Willow Press

Writers and Artists Tackle Climate Change & Other Environmental Issues

New Community Discussion Group

July 30, Coquitlam, BC - Moon Willow Press, a small publishing company in Coquitlam, British Columbia, has a mission - to get the world interested in literary and visual artists who are tackling climate change and other environmental issues.

Mary Woodbury, the publisher's owner, doesn't just publish books that create awareness of the natural world and our place in it. For the past year, she's hosted an ongoing project titled Nature Fiction and Cli-Fi Books, a digital library of novels, short stories, and prose with climate change and other nature themes. Nearly 200 books are catalogued thus far in a searchable database, with author interviews and a teen shelf. There's a short story contest, academic survey, book submission form, and member area for guest authors and those who wish to exchange books for review, and essays from contributors such as PhD students, climate scientists, journalists and book authors.

Mary notes that artistic works about climate change and other environmental issues can inspire the public and illustrate our changing world in a way that hard data cannot.

The site's newest outreach project, a Google+ Community, brings together eco-writers and other artists on a global platform (all languages welcome). Discussion and promotions follow that old "Bill and Ted" advice: Be excellent to each other. The community has grown to over 155 members since it began last month. And Mary is working hard to expand it.

She says, "This community interaction is important because dialog about climate change and other eco-issues within the literary, audio, and visual arts is an emerging field with its own challenges and rewards. Since the beginning of human time, we've celebrated nature and told stories about it, but now we feel a sense of doom for planet Earth. How do we deal with that in the arts? How do we inspire mitigation, action, hope, beauty? Or how do we just tell a good story within this framework?

Having a global network of artists to share ideas helps. We want to talk about modes and styles, look at research and eco-criticism, blurt out a wilderness poem, or share a beautiful nature photograph or cli-fi (climate-themed) book we wrote. We want to explore how these subjects are playing out in photography, dance, music, film, theater, and other media - or in various literary genres such as science fiction, fantasy, literary and speculative fiction, cli-fi, and prose. We were delighted beyond belief when a group of quilters joined this community; they had made a quilt with patches of mountain, wildlife, ocean, sky, and forests scenes. They are auctioning off the quilt in order to fund their wilderness projects."

Mary hopes to see the community grow to be a long-lasting, meaningful, and thriving place. Journalists, scientists, reporters, graduate students, authors, and artists have joined so far, and all are welcome. Please visit the discussion group today and see how your voice can shape the dialog. For more information, please contact Mary Woodbury.  

For more information please contact:

Mary Woodbury Owner
Moon Willow Press

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