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12/04/2012 02:44 PM ET   
News from: i2 Office

Green by Example: Eco-Friendly Business Practices

If you have a green business, it's extra important to live by example and demonstrate green ethics in your actions as well as your products.

Finding an eco-friendly office space can be one of the more difficult aspects of this commitment. If you can't find an innovative building there are other ways to cut back on your carbon footprint, such as renting a shared serviced office or co-working, using virtual offices, rather than maintaining private offices around the country.

Here are some of our top tips for cutting carbon when a Grand Designs eco-office isn't an option:

Use public transport

What self-respecting green businessperson drives a gas guzzler to work? Take public transport or use ride-sharing programs to limit your individual footprint, although this works best when your office is in the city centre. If you want to cycle to work, the best city centre shared offices provide bike racks and showers.

Virtual Office

If even public transport involves too many emissions for you, consider working from home. To maintain a professional veneer, virtual office services include a prestigious city-centre address, phone-answering receptionist, mail forwarding, and decked-out meeting rooms to rent when you don't fancy meeting with a large client in a coffee shop.

If your business has other employees, a virtual office is a good way to encourage telecommuting. Employees can work from home most days, then you can get together once a week in a rented meeting room in a serviced office to catch up. Finding serviced offices is rather easy with many different companies online.

Share your space

If you don't fancy working at home, look for a shared office space in the city centre, so you can reach it via public transport. Shared offices range from fully serviced offices where you will have your own space to co-working in creative industry incubators, where you will be cheek-by-jowl with other professionals in your field. This way the air conditioning, lighting, and other emissions will be shared across a group rather than wasting all of those resources on just you or your business.

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