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11/11/2012 11:07 AM ET   
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5- Year Retrospective on Cleaning & Green Innovation

New York, August 31, 2012 - Cleaning commercial and industrial buildings, whether it's retail stores and offices or manufacturing plants and hospitals, requires large amounts of heavy-duty cleaning equipment and chemicals.

It wasn't very long ago that most of the chemicals used were very harmful to the environment as well as the people who worked in the building.

In the last five years, though, as technology advances and more options have become available, there has been a growing trend toward green cleaning solutions. In the areas of green facility maintenance and industrial cleaning, is the market leader.

Environmental mandates include Executive Orders 13101 and 13148 which require more accountability from federal agencies and thousands of organizations. In 2005, Washington state enacted legislation on  environmentally responsible building design, operations, and maintenance, and a year later, New York started requiring green cleaning products in all public and private schools.

How have these changes affected our situation over the last five years? Green cleaning innovations have expanded beyond harmful chemicals to include processes and equipment. We are seeing developments in air filtration systems, chemical-free cleaning system, low-moisture floor cleaners, and a range of chemical dilution systems.

Right now, the cleaning industry employs over 3.5 million people, and every year it uses around 6 billion pounds of chemicals. That is a lot of people and a lot of cleaning materials coming together to create a huge impact on the environment, and this is why so many government and private sector initiatives have been created. It was clear that something was needed in order to encourage faster adoption and more consistent processes.

The simple reality is that most of businesses understand the need for measures that minimize the impact on the environment, but if it hurts their profits they will remain hesitant to make the necessary changes. They need to see a direct correlation between green solutions and increased profit before they will make the change. With some of the most recent advances, this has become a real possibility.

In the last five years, the success of many corporate initiatives has let to measurable improvements in productivity, profitability, performance and morale. More importantly, perhaps, is that green cleaning solutions can produce the same results as conventional cleaners and now costs nearly the same. Five years ago, the same products would have cost 50% more than traditional cleaners, which would immediately make a business reconsider making the change. Now, though, the advances in technology have made cleaning equipment and earth-friendly chemicals a viable business alternative.

By Stephanie Thomas, Team Cleaning Solutions.

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