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10/25/2011 04:27 AM ET   
News from: Enerfina

Work Begins on London Solar Bridge

Construction work has officially begun on fitting a Victorian bridge in central London with more than 4,400 solar panels, in what will be the city's biggest solar project.

The 6000 square meters of solar panels are currently being attached to Blackfriars Bridge as part of re-development of Blackfriars railroad station and may provide about half the station's electricity. 

The station has been closed since 2009 during the renovation - when it reopens in 2012, it will be the very first station to span a river with a solar bridge.

The project is predicted to cost around £7.3 million and create 900,000kWh of energy a year, enabling Network Rail to drastically decrease electricity expenses and carbon emissions.

Saving money on energy bills with renewable energy isn't merely something big corporations can do; house owners also can see significant cost savings on their domestic energy costs.

Solar PV panels can be installed on the majority of homes and when this isn't ideal for your home, there are more possibilities. For example if you own an apartment you can generate your own energy making use of ground source air pumps or even save the fuel costs with wood chip boilers. Homes  in more rural locations could consider utilising ground source heat pumps as their chosen alternative energy source.

Deciding on which source to set up might be complicated, therefore if you're not sure about which kind of renewable energy would work best for you, contact the experts at Enerfina.

As an independent advisor on all types of renewable energy you will get  accurate, unbiased advice. When you decide to you're prepared to purchase a system, they can put you in touch with experienced local installers.

For more information please contact:

Gordon Atkinson
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