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04/19/2011 04:54 PM ET   
News from: CompoKeeper LLC

Composting Kitchen Scraps Just Got Easier

Boulder, CO – April, 2011 – Indoor composting doesn't have to be a chore. Designed for mess free, stench free, trouble-free compost storage, the CompoKeeper takes the work out of indoor composting.

Until now, composting food scraps has required a high degree of involvement. It's no surprise that people recoil at the thought of foul odors and pesky pests (like those annoying fruit flies) living in the kitchen. Nor is it any wonder that repeatedly opening tightly sealed lids, emptying full canisters, and cleaning remnants out of kitchen compost containers is daunting. Fortunately, recyclers can now compost their kitchen scraps without all the fuss. 

In response to the curbside composting program launched in Boulder, Colorado, resident Van Hess devoted his energy to developing a kitchen appliance that eliminates the unpleasant side effects of composting.

It works like a huge zip lock bag lining the inside of a waste bin that can be opened and closed with a foot pedal or hand lever. With one touch of the toe or flick of the wrist, a wide opening is created in the container for easy and quick food recycling. A second touch seals the bag closed keeping odors in and pests out. The easy-grab removable bag tray makes removing a full bag and transferring it to the outdoor storage area a snap. Now composting is just as easy as taking out the trash but it feels better because it's not going to waste.

The CompoKeeper is expected to boost participation in backyard and curbside composting consequently increasing the amount of food waste that's redirected away from landfills and towards other more productive uses.

About CompoKeeper:

CompoKeeper LLC is a seed-stage family owned company located in Boulder, Colorado focused on designing and developing products to make recycling first nature. Our mission is to provide consumers with sustainable, convenient and inexpensive recycling solutions, ultimately keeping valuable resources (with negative environmental impact) out of landfills. As composting programs sprout worldwide we hope to grow our business to meet the needs of recyclers making the next step towards zero waste an easy one.

For more information please contact:

Van Hess Owner
CompoKeeper LLC

Kristen Hess Marketing Associate
CompoKeeper LLC

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