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Weekly Clean Energy Roundup: September 15, 2010

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  • ACORE Releases State-by-State Renewable Energy Report
  • $9.6M for Transformational Energy Research
  • $5.2M for Wind Forecasting, Turbine Development
  • $37M for Marine and Hydrokinetic Energy
  • $16.5M for Biomass R&D
  • $30M for State Energy Efficiency Projects
  • Energy Efficiency Enforcement Penalties for 27 Companies

  • ACORE Releases State-by-State Report on Renewable Energy

    The American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) released a report that's  intended to be an executive summary of the renewable energy sector in each state. It compiles data on renewable energy developments, resource potential, and financial, market, and policy information on a state-by-state basis.

    The state summaries show the wide range of renewable energy development in the U.S. Louisiana has the hardly any: a measly 200 kW of grid-connected solar and production capabilities for 1.5 million gallons of biofuels a year. On the other end of the spectrum, California has 2.7 GW of wind, 2.6 GW of geothermal, 1.1 GW of grid-connected solar, 705 MW of biomass, and production capabilities for nearly 200 million gallons of biofuels per year.

    The report also notes the state policies that helped to accomplish that scale of deployment. In California, such policies include a renewable energy requirement; a mandate for utilities to provide grid connections and net metering for solar and wind; a program to invest $2.17 billion in grid-connected solar over 10 years; a feed-in tariff for renewable energy systems; and a number of other rebates, tax incentives, and financing programs for renewable energy.

    ACORE will update Renewable Energy in America quarterly.

    DOE Awards $9.6 Million for Transformational Energy Research Projects

    On September 10, DOE announced its selection of six transformational energy research and development projects to receive a total of $9.6 million through the Recovery Act.

    DOE's Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) made the selections:

    • a dehumidifier based on a nano-structured solid polymer that is permeable to moisture but impermeable to air;
    • next-generation permanent magnets with a lower content of critical rare-earth metals, to increase the efficiency and power density of electric machines;
    • a cryogenic carbon capture system for fossil-fuel power plants;
    • an airborne wind turbine, consisting of a high-performance wing that carries a turbine and is tethered to the ground;
    • a dynamic liquid prism that can be adjusted using an applied electric field, allowing concentrating PV systems to track the sun without using mechanical systems;
    • a thermal energy storage system for concentrating solar systems that uses supercritical fluids to potentially store twice the energy of an equivalent-size molten-salt system. Supercritical fluids are substances at temperatures and pressures above their critical point, which means that distinct liquid and gas phases of the substance have ceased to exist.
    See the DOE press release, the technical descriptions of the selected projects, and DOE's ARPA-E Web site.

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