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We Help Green Businesses Grow

What is our vision?

A world where human activities live in harmony with the earth's carrying capacity.

What is the definition of Sustainable Business?

Business that contributes to an equitable and ecologically sustainable economy.

How does a business do this?

Sustainable businesses offer products and services that fulfill society's needs while contributing to the well-being of all earth's inhabitants.

Sustainable businesses operate across all business sectors: energy efficiency and renewable energy generation, water and wastewater treatment, resource-efficient industrial processes, advanced materials, transportation and agriculture. They create products and services that compete on price and performance while significantly reducing humankind's impact on the environment.

Sustainable technologies - also called cleantech or greentech today - improve financial performance because products are made using less energy and materials, and less waste and toxics. These companies tend to attract experienced, visionary management and top employees. They also attract leading suppliers and customers who want to work with and buy from companies that contribute to their own green business strategies.

We are the future of business: organic products, efficient and renewable energy, green materials, recycled products, and green building. Isn't it about time?

The Business of Restoration & Stewardship: True Sustainable Business

We are witnessing the beginning of a profound transformation - the successor to the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions - the Environmental Revolution. We are finally in the early stages of transitioning from our current extractive, exploitive economy into one where humans will learn to live within the means of nature. At the 11th hour of climate change, biodiversity collapse and extreme human overpopulation, society is starting to get serious about doing things differently. That is the silver lining to the grave environmental problems human and animal-kind are about to experience - out of the impending crisis will come true change.

The fundamental long term goal is a re-ordering of priorities. "Quality of Life" - the stuff that makes us human - will eventually supersede profits (for business) and consumption (for "consumers"). In the next stage of our evolution, the role of business will change from thoughtless Industrial Age producer of endless products and profits for an unsustainably expanding population and economy to Environmental Age trader of services and products necessary to maintain a steady state balance for life on earth.

We're nowhere near attaining this vision, but since we opened our web doors at in 1996, the landscape has completely changed. In the last few years, as the science behind climate change became irrefutable (and, luckily, gas prices spiked), we've seen every segment of society commit to finding solutions: leading corporations, the venture capital and institutional investor communities, the world's major religions, and many governments. Change is sweeping through every industry from tourism to construction, from chemicals to real estate.

Business plays a pivotal role. Many corporations have revenues and assets higher than the gross national product of many countries, and are as powerful, if not more so, than government. It is in corporate best interest to change - climate change, water scarcity, biodiversity loss, and the overexploitation of oceans will have an enormously negative impact on business.

Over the past three years, the couple dozen publicly traded companies have mushroomed to several hundred, including large, high-profile IPOs like Suzlon in Wind, REC and Q-Cells in Solar. Cleantech is now an established investment category in the public markets, covered by the major investment houses, spawning ETFs and indexes around the world.

Greentech companies now receive a full third of all equity investments - the venerable venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins accurately calls it the "mother of all markets."

The tired old argument that "environment and business" can't go together - that it will reduce profits and jobs - is, at last, losing steam. In fact, the opposite is true, as we're seeing in General Electrics's ecomagination initiative, DuPont's entry into bioproducts, and many, many others. And cleantech companies are job engines, providing higher level, well-paid employment. Here's a short article on solar and job creation.

Leading businesses have always adapted to new realities. If the world acts on the scale necessary to divert disaster, clean technology will be a major economic driver, transforming current industries and creating entirely new industries for a market worth at least $500 billion by 2050. Thus, tackling the problems we face is a pro-growth strategy, while business as usual will ultimately undermine economic growth.

Some of the completely new market sectors we're already seeing include thin-film solar, biofuels, bio-plastics, carbon trading, wetlands banking and water quality trading. Legions of new types of companies will be required to give birth to the coming green economy.

As Bill McDonough says, the thrill is not "getting to zero waste, but in unleashing creativity through a new vision of abundance."'s Role

Every person and organization must decide the path they will take to bring this vision to reality. At, we serve the businesses that are ready to make this vision a reality now.

We provide global news and networking services to help green business grow. Rather than covering a slice of the industry, we offer visitors a unique lens on the field as a whole, covering all sectors that impact sustainabilty: renewable energy/ efficiency, green building, green investing, and organics.

We're known for being passionate and thorough. If you want to get the most important news from people that deeply know the companies and issues, you've come to the right place. If you want to learn which companies are leaders and which only call themselves that, you'll learn that here too. Want to know what the thought leaders in the field are thinking? You'll definitely find that here.

You can find consulting work, the green job of a lifetime or experienced employees that are committed to sustainability.

You can green up your stock portfolio, find green mutual funds, and find investors for your green business. Network with the hundreds of thousands of visitors just like you - you'll find references to them in our many news articles, in our job posts or business connections posts.

By providing businesspeople direct access to the information and tools they need, meaningful employment and resources for sustainable business development, we are helping to shift human and material resources toward a restorative economy.

In short, keep up with the pulse of the industry through's Services

  • Daily Sustainable Business News: concise, hard-hitting news round-up from around the world.
  • Daily Sustainable Investor News: IPOs, M&As, capital raises, performance results and all the news relevant to investors in green companies, public and private.
  • Green Dream Jobs: our very popular job service that connects people with business skills with environmentally conscious nonprofits, government agencies and businesses.
  • Progressive Investor: monthly newsletter that guides investors and advisors toward investments in green publicly traded companies.
  • Business Connections: networking service that helps green companies find the financing and partners they need to grow.
  • Events Calendar: comprehensive listing of sustainability-oriented workshops and conferences.
  • Resource Directory: our compilation of the most useful web sites, databases and resources for sustainable business.


When I first wrote "About Us" in 1996, I said, "My great hope is that I will live to see this great transition become reality." I had no idea it would happen so quickly. Now, it's a dream fulfilled to see this transformation happening before my eyes... and to play even a small role in it.

Rona Fried, Ph.D.
President & CEO

If today is a typical day on planet Earth, we will lose 116 square miles of rainforest, or about an acre a second. We will lose another 72 square miles to encroaching deserts, as a result of human mismanagement and overpopulation. We will lose 40-100 species and no one knows if the number is 40 or 100. Today the human population will increase by 250,000. And today we will add 2,700 tons of chlorofluorocarbons to the atmosphere and 15 million tons of carbon. Tonight the Earth will be a little hotter, its waters more acidic, and the fabric of life more threadbare.

We believe in: A smaller ecological footprint... pedestrian-oriented communities; fewer and much more efficient vehicles; reduce, reuse, recycle; driving efficiencies throughout the economy; durable, well-made products; much lower human population to restore balance with the animals and plants we share the planet with; true caring about how much energy we use and what our products are made from; long-term deep thinking, which means no coal and nuclear - a strong priority for energy efficiency, distributed energy, renewables; an agricultural system that's focused on providing locally grown, healthy food - which means going organic and putting an end to chemical-based mono-agriculture and GMOs; green building; infill development; companies offering only healthy products with healthy ingredients; less stuff and more simplicity.

If I had to reduce my philosophy down to a few words which is impossible, they’d be: Joy in spite of everything! -- Tom Robbins

All that is, is the result of what we have thought. -- Buddha

All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. -- Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher (1788 - 1860)

I know it is possible that we will make it, that we will create a sustainable economy that protects the living systems of the Earth, that we will come to be part of the world's repair. The power of darkness in our world is great, but it is not as great as the power of the human spirit. We can learn to provide for our needs and limit our numbers while cherishing this beautiful planet and its creatures. It is in our nature to honor the sacredness of life. What is at stake today is enormous; it is the destiny of life on Earth. At such a time, walking a path of honoring ourselves and the living planet is our responsibility as citizens of the planet, but it is something more, as well. It is also a joy, and a privilege. -- John Robbins, The Food Revolution

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