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Vulcan Inc

Contact: Stuart Nagae
Work 505 Fifth Ave S. Seattle Washington 98104 United States Work Phone: (206) 342-3000 Website:


Vulcan Capital was formed in 2003 and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The firm serves as the investment arm of Vulcan Inc., founded by Paul G. Allen, co-founder of Microsoft. The firm’s portfolio spans a range of industry sectors, including media and communications, energy, clean technology, natural resources, financial and information services, technology, and life sciences. Within Clean Technology we are interested in Solar and Geothermal renewable power, Information and Communication Technologies for the Smart Grid, Bioenergy Systems, Novel Materials and Technologies for Energy Conversion and Storage, and Advanced Nuclear Technologies.

The firm invests across all stages of corporate development through leveraged buyouts, growth capital, distressed/turnaround, and early-stage venture capital as well as public equity value investing. Most of our investments to-date have been US based companies. The firm has no defined limits on transaction size but generally targets direct equity investments of $25 million to $250 million or more, as well as select smaller venture investments. Our venture investments are typically in syndication and range from $1 – $5 million

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