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Contact: Benoit Wirz
Work 1451 W. Cypress Creek Road Suite 307 Fort Lauderdale Florida 33309 United States Work Phone: (954) 784-6442 Website:


US Global LLC provides debt, equity, and project finance investment in the building, energy, technology, and manufacturing sectors in the United States. While we typically make lead investments in larger transactions we will invest in syndication. The largest number of USG’s investments to date have been in the energy sector. These investments range from development of independent energy projects to investment in public and private companies. USG has focused in particular on the alternative energy sector where tax credits and/or other tax benefits are available including: clean coal, renewable energy, coal beneficiation and recovery, waste-to-energy and energy storage.

USG has invested in technology driven opportunities across a variety of sectors including: energy related technologies, biomedical technologies, pharmaceutical development and waste separation technologies. In analyzing these opportunities, US Global is sector agnostic, focusing instead on companies with innovative products and services that have achieved or are likely to quickly achieve a critical level of commercial acceptance. Our investments can range from $1 million at the first outside round to over ten million at later stages of investment.

Within the clean technology space we have investmented in companies that remanufacture coal into a cleaner fuel source (USG Synfuel, Headwaters Inc, Evergreen Energy) energy IT (Pegasus), and energy storage (Reliable Power). 

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