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Contact: David Berge
Work 625 Broadway Suite 1001 New York NY 10012 United States Work Phone: 212-777-3339 Website:


Underdog Ventures seeks to set a standard of leadership and creativity through its work with high net worth social investors, community-minded CEOs and community organizations. We believe that the financial and social cases for a customized, social venture approach are compelling. Underdog Ventures adds two ingredients to that mix, creating something unique. The first is the creation of a growing, living network of partners who share in the financial, community and environmental goals of this venture. These managing members, non-managing members, philanthropists, CEOs and community organizations are the vested parties who share a common commitment to putting capital to its most effective use, to benefit companies, communities and the environment. The second ingredient is that this team of seasoned partners knows the importance of combining work and fun, financial discipline and giving back. We have years of experience in creating financial success stories where others have seen only improbability and we will extend this track record at Underdog Ventures. As the underdog, we are not trying to be the biggest venture fund, but to make the biggest difference.

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