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U.S. Venture Partners

Contact: Winston Fu
Work 2735 Sand Hill Road Menlo Park California 94025 United States Work Phone: (650) 854-9080 Website:


US Venture Partners works alongside companies in information technology, clean technology, and healthcare sectors. We typically invest during the first outside round but reserve funds to make follow-on investments to protect our ownership position. We have selectively engaged in seed investments. We request a board position with our investments.

U.S. Venture Partners (USVP) has helped build great companies for nearly three decades. Since its inception in 1981, USVP has invested more than $2.4 billion in over 420 companies. Throughout, USVP’s partners have worked diligently and consistently with early-stage companies, many of which have become industry leaders.

To date USVP has made investments ranging from $250K to $10 million in US-based companies. Within the clean technology sector we have made investments in BPT Bio Pure Technology (water), Active-Semi,, CFX Battery (power management), Contour Energy Systems (energy storage), and Solyndra (solar).

Categories: $1M - $2M, $250,000 - $500,000, $2M - $5M, $500,000 - $1M, $5M or more, Energy: Efficiency, Energy: Energy Storage, Energy: Hydrogen, Energy: Solar, Equity, First Outside Round, Follow-on, Industrial Technologies, Information Technology, Internet / Media, Life Sciences, Materials, Recycling, US: Anywhere, Venture Capital Firm, Water
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