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The United States Trust Company of New York is one of the oldest trust companies in the nation. It is a subsidiary of Bank of America Private Wealth Management. U.S. Trust has more than 2,300 employees based in 39 offices with over $102 billion in assets under management as of March 31, 2004. Venture capital investments are in new or start-up companies in the technology and healthcare sectors and elsewhere. These start-ups are often candidates for initial public offerings or acquisitions. Buyout investments usually involve mature companies that are low-tech, but may have benefits that include strong cash flows.

Alternative investments can play a crucial role in an asset allocation strategy. We maintain an extensive platform dedicated to hedge funds, private equity, real estate and venture capital investment solutions. Quantitative and qualitative analysis allows us to build client portfolios with an eye toward increasing diversification, managing risk and enhancing the probability of consistent returns.

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