US: Southwest

Triton Venture Partners, LP

Contact: Laura Kilcrease
Work 6300 Bridge Point Parkway Building 1 – Suite 500 Austin Texas 78730 United States Work Phone: (512) 795-5820 Website:


Triton Ventures is an Austin, Texas-based venture capital fund specializing in US-based high technology spin-off companies and other promising startups. Triton’s initial investments typically range from $500,000 to $4 million, depending upon the needs of the company. We support portfolio companies as they make progress with additional follow-on investments, and we are often involved in introducing other investors to the company or in leading investment syndicates.

Supplementing its focus on spinouts, Triton will invest opportunistically in early stage companies that possess compelling technologies, management teams and/or markets within the industry focus areas of the fund. Our primary sector focus areas are enterprise software, information technology, communications technology, and advanced materials.

Within the clean technology investment space we currrently have investments in Green Mountain Energy (clean energy sales) and InnovaLight (solar, new materials)

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