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The Siedler Companies, Water Group

Contact: Neil Berlant
Work 515 S. Figueroa St. Suite 1100 Los Angeles CA 90071 United States Work Phone: 213-683-4625 Website:


Seidler’s Water Group (SWG) has a well-established reputation for its expertise in the water industry. Seidler’s Water Group has provided transaction support and advisory services to numerous segments of the water industry including water treatment, infrastructure, and piping systems, as well as applications for purification, filtration and consumption

Siedler Companies has reformed to Siedler Equity Partners after the death of its president and primary owner Roland Siedler, the water group no longer appears to be in place and Siedler Equity Partners managed by two of his sons is making investments primarily in traditional middle market industries. No evidence of clean technology investment or in related industries.  

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