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The Cue Ball Group

Contact: Elizabeth Xanthopoulos
Work 9 East St, #1, Boston Massachusetts 02111 United States Work Phone: (617) 542-0100 Website:


The Cue Ball Group is a Boston-based investment firm founded in 2005 to focus on early-stage growth opportunities in the consumer and media markets. We will consider opportunities outside of this scope, including seed and buyout opportunities. Please use our application form to send us a business plan. We are capable of making investments ranging from $1 – $10 million in companies located in the USA.

Cue Ball invests in consumer and media businesses. Our interest in the consumer and media markets is broken down into four priority sub-segments: lifestyle brands & services, restaurants & specialty retail, information data services, and social media & commerce. We currently have an investment in an environmentally friendly transportation business (Planet Tran).

Categories: $1M - $2M, $2M - $5M, $5M or more, Buyout, Equity, First Outside Round, Food, Internet / Media, Lifestyle / Natural Products, Other, Private Equity Fund, Seed, US: Anywhere
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