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Tang Energy Group

Contact: Patrick Jenevein
Work Suite 1020 4925 Greenville Avenue Dallas Texas 75206 United States Work Phone: +1.214.368.0894 Website:


Tang Energy Group discovers, grows and nurtures investment opportunities in the clean energy sector. Through our diversified portfolio of energy assets and progressive production technologies, Tang invests in companies and projects that provide responsible, clean energy.

Tang Energy Group invests in clean energy projects and has been doing business in China since 1996. Since that time, the group has been involved with projects in Xinjiang, Gansu, Hebei, and Shanxi provinces. We also recently announced a $300 million investment in a wind farm in the USA. Our current portfolio includes wind turbine rotor blade manufacturing, wind farm development, wind equipment sales, and clean coal projects. 

We are mainly interested in established projects and companies that can build upon the capacities of our existing lines of business or have demonstrated profitability and working assets. Tang Energy Group is mainly interested in growth and acquisition opportunities in the tens of millions USD.

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