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Sycamore Ventures: China GreenStar Investment Fund

Contact: Stephen Chiao
Work 1st floor, 284 Anfu Road, Shanghai 200031 China Work Phone: (86) 21-5405-1313 Website:


Sycamore is a global investment firm with offices in the US, China, India, and Singapore. Funds under our management invest in the US, the greater China region, and India. Our asiaSTAR group of funds primarily focus on the Greater China region. We look for expansion stage companies with strong management teams and the potential to capture leadership positions in their niche sectors. We invest in a broad range of sectors including information technology, consumer, manufacturing, and media. We seek to invest US $5-20 million equity in each company to fund its growth.

Sycamore has recently entered into a partnership with the Chinese Central Government to create a US $1 billion Sycamore China GreenStar Investment Fund / China GreenStar Investment Fund primarily directed towards investment in clean technology in China. China Greenstar will invest 60-80% of its fund in China; 10-15% in the U.S.; 5-15% in other regions of Asia; and the remainder in other global markets.

We presently only have one investment in a LED company (Marketech International Corp).

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