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Craton Equity Partners

Contact: Robert MacDonald
Work 10880 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 1400 Los Angeles CA 90024 United States Work Phone: 310-996-8759 Website:


Craton Equity Partners began in Los Angeles in the mid 1990s, and in 2005 the partnership shifted its mandate and focus exclusively to cleantech and environmental technology.

We invest in water technologies, waste conversion and recycling, green  building materials, renewable energy technologies, pollution control, and remediation technologies.

Our investments typically range from $4 to $15 million at the first outside round or follow on stages.

Examples of portfolio companies include: Propel Fuels (biofuels), Gridpoint (smartgrid), Gigacrete (green building materials), and Rypos (pollution control).

Please use our online form to submit business plans.

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