US: Southwest

Community Development Venture Capital Alliance

Contact: Gary Brooks
Work 424 West 33rd Street Suite 320 New York City New York 10001 United States Work Phone: (212) 594-6747 Website:


The CDVCA Central Fund currently has almost $6 million under management and is actively seeking investment opportunities to put those funds to work in a meaningful way in the community development venture capital industry. The Fund is available to make two types of investments: Fund of Funds investments and Co-investment Fund investments.

The Central Fund makes fund of funds investments only in CDVCA member funds with a primary mission of community development. Our direct business investments are made only as co-investments with other funds. Our minimum investment size is $250,000 and we invest throughout the United States. The Fund also seeks social returns, such as encouraging minority and women ownership, environmentally sustainable businesses, production of products useful to communities, and promotion of socially responsible business practices. To date we have made one investment in the a building products company that utilizes recycled content.

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