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Catalyst Financial Group, Inc.

Contact: Neil Zobler
Work 152 Deer Hill Ave, Suite 208 Danbury Connecticut 06810 United States Work Phone: 203-790-4177 Website:


For over 20 years, Catalyst Financial Group, Inc. has been a leader in providing innovative financing solutions for customers who want to reduce the environmental impact of their operations or contribute to sustainable business practices. We provide funding, information, consulting services, and financing programs that encourage investments in energy efficiency, water treatment, green building, recycling, renewable energy technologies, pollution prevention, green buildings, natural products and other socially responsible businesses. 

Catalyst’s programs finance a variety of responsible business, energy and water improvements, including: Energy Technologies, Lighting, HVAC, Energy Management Systems, Renewable Energy Systems, Distributed Generation, Substations, Manufacturing Equipment, Pollution Prevention, and Water Treatment. We can provide a variety of finance projects ranging from $20K up to $10 million.

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