US: Southwest

California Technology Ventures

Contact: Vicky Erickson
Work 670 North Rosemead Blvd Suite 201 Pasadena CA 91107 United States Work Phone: (626) 351-3700 Website:


California Technology Ventures, LLC (CTV) is a venture capital fund that makes direct investments in technology and life science companies.  Unlike many investment funds, we can invest the smaller amounts required by early-stage companies, as well as larger investments for later-stage expansion. Initial investments typically range from $250,000 to $2 million, with up to $5 million over the life of the investment. We participate in seed/start-up companies, first and second round investments, and later stage investments.

We invest primarily in companies that are located in the southwestern portion of the US and are engaged in the following industries: Information & Communications Technology (ICT), such as computer hardware, telecommunications, electronics, semiconductors, software and systems, multi-media, and Internet; Life Sciences, such as bio-pharmaceuticals and medical devices. We have not made any clean technology investments to date, but we are likely to be interested in companies that lie at the intersect between clean technology life sciences and/or ICT. 

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