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Big Sky Partners

Contact: Michael Schwab
Work 1 Gate Six Road Building B, Suite 203 Sausalito California 94965 United States Work Phone: (415) 289-1141 Website:


Big Sky Partners is a Sausalito, California-based early stage venture capital firm that invests across a range of high tech startups and select emerging growth companies. The firm specializes in seed and Series A technology financing, applying a multi-sector investment strategy with a particular focus on the cleantech and alternative energy sectors. The firm has extensive expertise in, and can offer entrepreneurs significant strategic contacts across the clean energy, photovoltaic, next-generation internet and global financial services industries. The firm’s practice is expanding into investments at the earliest stages of biofuels, green transportation, social networking analytics and the penetration of solar integration, installation and distribution into the consumer and enterprise markets.

On an investment stage basis, though seed and early stage investing (ie. $250K – $1M) are the firm’s existing primary financing round targets, Big Sky will also look at participating in significant later stage funding rounds. Within the clean technology sector we have made investments in groSolar, Solaicx (solar), Ecospan (biomaterials), Windspire Energy (wind), HIDlabs (efficiency), Lifefactory, Zola (ecofriendly products), and Renewable Fuel Products (biofuels).

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