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Quantum Leap

Contact: Bill Tharp
Work 243 Queen Street West, 3rd Floor Toronto Ontario M5V 1Z4 Canada Work Phone: 416.777.0383 Website:


Quantum Leap is an energy investment and asset management firm, specializing in renewable energy and efficiency techologies. To date, we have invested in projects and companies located in North America and Europe. The projects that we finance can be in the tens of millions while our venture capital investments at the first outside round and follow-on stages are usually from $1 to $10 million.

We finance projects and companies that demonstrate market leadership in energy efficiency, solar- and geothermal energy, fuel cells, wind and hydropower, soil and water remediation, health, safety and environmental compliance, advanced insulation materials, power management, and advanced lighting controls.

Quantum Leap Infrastructure Fund was developed to extract value from investment opportunities in the water, waste, clean energy infrastructure sectors. Our clean technology investments have included but are not limited to Adventus (remediation), EcoWaste (waste management), Enerworks (solar water heating), Trilliant (energy management), Fuel Cell Technologies (energy storage).

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