Project Finance

PowerWorks Inc.

Contact: Rick Koebbe
Work 5356 N. Cattail Way Boise Idaho 83714 United States Work Phone: 208.853.4602 Website:


PowerWorks Inc. and its affiliate, Pacific Winds Inc., are privately-held companies, focused upon the development, acquisition, and operation of clean, renewable, wind and solar power projects. The majority of our projects are over $5 million in value and located either in the midwest or west coast areas.

The principals and engineering staff at PowerWorks have extensive experience during the past 20 years with over 50 wind and solar projects, involving development, permitting, engineering, design, power marketing, project finance, construction, equipment procurement and installation, and operation and maintenance, project acquisitions and investments . We employ an experienced team of engineering, accounting, and operating staff. Our mission is to increase our portfolio of competitive energy projects involving clean, renewable energy.

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