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Philip Investment

Contact: Philip Greene
Work 38 Ladyweel Rd London SE22 8JY United Kingdom Work Phone: +44 8715039814


I am a high net worth individual private investor living in France. I provide  seed and early-stage capital for start-ups and other ventures – all funding rounds for first investments and expansion of investment projects.

I served for 28 years in various sectors in the UK and French governments. As a retired Civil Servant, I’m interested in investments that offer combined debt and equity financing at 5.0% interest rate per annum, quarterly interest payments plus a 10% equity stake in the Company.

The equity stake will equally serve as collateral, such that in the case of default in capital repayment at maturity of investment (five years), I will retain the 10% stake and on full repayment of investment it reverses back to the Company.


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