Project Finance

Northern Community Investment Corporation (NCIC)

Contact: Martha Wilkins
Work 347 Portland Street PO Box 904 St Johnsbury Vermont 05819-0904 United States Work Phone: 802-748-1888 Website:


NCIC was established in 1975 to promote sound development in Northeastern Vermont and Northern New Hampshire. As a private, non-profit, community based corporation, NCIC strives to generate and preserve employment and other social economic benefits for the region.

NCIC staff helps provide financing appropriate to the needs of businesses seeking start-up or expansion capital. As a US Department of the Treasury-certified Community Development Financial Institution NCIC offers a full spectrum of economic development based financial products ranging from Direct Term Loans (up to $200K+), Equipment Leasing (up to $50K), Seasonal Lines of Credit (up to $100K), Asset Based Loans (up to $100K), US Small Business Administration (SBA) Microloans (up to $35K), direct loans primarily funded through USDA Rural Development IRP’s and SBA 504 loans (debenture or loan guarantees), equity investments (between $50K and 200K). 

NCIC will not replace bank financing; NCIC will not relieve borrowers of risk; and NCIC will not assume the risk of other guarantors. NCIC is flexible with respect to the types of businesses it may assist. They may be small home-based startups or mature businesses that have become major employers. In general, NCIC will provide financing for retail, wholesale, service and manufacturing businesses that are starting or expanding in the region it serves.

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