Project Finance

Nordic Environment Finance Corp.

Contact: Amund Beitnes
Work Fabianinkatu 34 PO Box 249 Fin-00171 Helsinki Finland Work Phone: +358 10 6180 658 Website:


Nordic Environmental Finance Corporation (NEFCO) is an international financial institution, established by the five Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Icelan. NEFCO maintains a number of funds utilized to support environmental projects with risk capital (equity, mezzanine financing, grants, and loans) in Central and Eastern Europe. Environmental projects include those that generate emission reduction credits, produce renewable energy, result in cleaner production, or the reduction of runoff from agricultural operations.

NEFCO regularly co-finances projects with bilateral and multilateral partners (including the programs of the European Commission) and also administers external funds. NEFCO has so far approved close to 100 projects, the majority of which are partnerships with private companies or municipal entities. NEFCO funds have supported the development of renewable energy projects, the implementation of pollution control and carbon mitigation technologies, generation of energy from landfill gas, and energy efficiency.

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