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New Luna Ventures

Contact: Gary Schefsky
Work 580 California Street, 5th Floor San Francisco California 94104 United States Work Phone: (415) 989-7100 Website:


New Luna Ventures enables institutional and qualified individual investors to take advantage of current distressed real estate markets and the emerging market for high-performance building design. Urban real estate supports sustainable, adaptive re-use and redevelopment of existing building stock and related energy retrofit advantages and the trend for all new construction to be eco-efficient, green, high-performance design.

New Luna invests in real estate development projects of the following types: adaptive re-use (conversion of historic and existing buildings), new construction with full or near-complete entitlements or won RFP’s, both within a framework of energy, water, and materials efficiency and healthy indoor environmental air quality. We are also interested in incomplete, distressed, commercial urban mixed-use projects – office, retail, hotel, etc. with opportunities for eco-efficiency adaptation and government rebates and incentives. Our investments can range from a few million to over $10 million.

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