Project Finance

Natixis Environment and Infrastructure

Contact: Phillippe Germa
Work 47, quai d’Austerlitz Paris Cedex 13 75648 France Work Phone: +33(0)1 58 55 66 09 Website:


Natixis Environnement & Infrastructures manages five funds that invest in renewable energy projects that generate carbon credits. The funds focus on European- based projects.

These funds: FIDEME and EUROFIDEME 2 (environment and renewable energy); European Carbon Fund and European Kyoto Fund (carbon funds); and FIDEPPP (an investment and development fund for PPPs).

A subsidiary, Natixis Environnement & Infrastructures Luxembourg,  manages the CUBE Infrastructure Fund, which acquires mature European infrastructure assets. Our minimum investment amount is $2 million.
Projects financed include wind energy, solar (thermal and photovoltaic), hydroelectric, biomass, waste to energy, biofuel, and geothermal.

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