Project Finance

National Standard Finance

Contact: Tavner Highsmith
Work 1200 Abernathy Road 17th Floor Atlanta Georgia 30328 United States Work Phone: (770) 551-8149 Website:


National Standard Finance, LLC is an investment management company that provides investment capital for municipal and government real estate and infrastructure assets as well as for the healthcare and energy industry.

We design, build, finance, and own various types of energy related assets from wind and solar energy to traditional energy plants, biomass and distribution infrastructure assets.

We finance any Commercial or Industrial project once their Power Purchase Agreement is in place with their buyer of electricity. We can fund Hard and soft costs. Our minimum and maximum loan amounts are $25 million to $500 million.

Categories: $5M or more, Energy: BioFuel, Energy: Biomass, Energy: Solar, Energy: Wind, Life Sciences, Project Finance, Project Finance, Project Finance, US: Anywhere
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