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European Investments & Partners

Contact: Adam de Sola Pool
Work ul. Piaskowa 12c Konstancin-Chylice 05-510 Poland Work Phone: +48 (0) 22 756 32 32 Website:


European Investments & Partners is a financial advisory firm that manages three funds investing in clean technology related projects and companies in Central Europe. Two of our funds, CWP & EIP II, are still investing. 

European Investments & Partners has been appointed by the investment company EIP II of the USA to find SME investments in the sustainable investment sector in central Europe. Given its focus on early stage and central European investments the EIP II investment company will invest €0.1 mm to € 1.0 mm per project.  EIP II often seeks local co-investors to invest alongside it for similar amounts.

The CWP fund is managed on behalf on Continental Wind Partners and focuses on financing wind projects in Poland.

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