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EnergyMixx AG

Contact: Alexander E. Jonesco
Work Baarerstrasse 14 Zug CH-6300 Switzerland Work Phone: +41 41 500 16 74 Website:


EnergyMixx AG is a Swiss based holding company. As a horizontally and vertically integrated group, we are active in all fields’ of alternative power generation. Our investments and projects are diversified across the spectrum of renewable energy generation (wind, solar, biomass and hydro). We concentrate on the construction, acquisition and development of projects in renewable energies. 

Our revenue strategy is based on selling electricity as well as from trading financial incentives such as green and white certificates or carbon credits. The existing focus is mainly on wind, solar and biomass energy power plants and projects in the lucrative energy market of Italy and the Corridor VIII(Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania) area. We are continously expanding our activities.

At present, we have projects with about 380mW at a very advanced stage of development ( and signed before construction begins ) and a further 500 MW are EnergyMixx guaranteed.

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