Project Finance

Energy Financing, Inc.

Contact: Marty Markl
Work 301 Commerce Street, Suite 2260 Fort Worth Texas 76102 United States Work Phone: 817-335-7774 Website:


In addition to providing traditional project and vendor financing, Energy Financing, Inc. (EFI) has implemented a unique and innovative project financing model.   The primary application of the financing model is for the development of alternative energy projects.  However, the model can be easily adapted to other industries and municipal infrastructure projects.

Three things are needed to qualify a project for the financing: 1) the project must require financing in the amount of at least $5,000,000; 2) the project must be able to generate a cash stream sufficient to amortize the amount financed  over the term of the loan; 3) a beneficiary of the project (e.g. an off-take purchaser) with an investment-grade credit rating must give an assurance for the required portion of the cash stream from the project.

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