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Carlyle / Riverstone Renewable Energy Infrastructure Fund

Contact: Ralph Alexander
Work 712 Fifth Avenue, 51st Floor New York City New York 10019 United States Work Phone: 212.993.0076 Website:


Riverstone invests across the entire energy and power industry. It also jointly operates the Carlyle/Riverstone Renewable Energy Infrastructure Fund with the Carlyle Group. The Fund invests globally in wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and biofuels (ethanol and biodiesel) projects.

The Carlyle/Riverstone Holdings team provides private equity capital for management buyouts, leveraged build ups, growth capital opportunities and strategic joint ventures in the energy and power industry. The fund looks for controling stakes in renewable energy projects and companies with significant production assets. Our investments are typically from tens to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Within the renewable energy and environmental services segment we have investments in ReEnergy (waste to energy), Patagonia BioEnergia (biodiesel), Newberry Geothermal Holdings, InTank (tank management), Emerald Clean Power, Coastal Carolina Clean Power (biomass), Ensus Ethanol, Green Earth Fuels (biodiesel), and AES Solar Energy.

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