Project Finance

Carbon Credit Capital

Contact: Rena Gelb
Work 561 Broadway, Suite 6A New York New York 10012 United States Work Phone: (212) 925 5697 Website:


Carbon Credit Capital develops carbon credits by investing in clean energy projects globally. Carbon Credit Capital offers project management and development, carbon advisory services, financial structuring, and carbon credit brokerage services to its clients. Carbon Credit Capital invests in carbon credit generating projects. Project financing serves to support project development and to assist in overcoming project financial barriers.

Carbon Credit Capital will provide financial support to projects in a variety of ways including: seed capital to catalyze the start of a project; loans to a project guaranteed by the capital asset and the flow of CERs; and equity participation in return for carbon credits. As a financing partner, Carbon Credit Capital also provides assistance in structuring the project, developing the project and achieving financial closure. We are capable of financing or structuring finance for clean energy projects of any size.  

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