Project Finance

Blue Source

Contact: Roger Williams
Work 3165 East Millrock Drive Suite 340 Holladay Utah 84121 United States Work Phone: 801.322.4750 Website:


Blue Source provides financing for GHG Verified Emissions Reductions (VER)projects. We have $500 million committed by Och-Ziff’s investment funds (and an additional $500 million callable) to finance projects to be managed in partnership with Blue Source.

We provide services along the entire project cycle and work with you on: initial project assessment, development of project documentation, project financing and development – including design, construction and operation, registration on public registries, marketing and sales of reductions, and Continual project support. Blue Source works with a variety of industries and projects including: carbon sequestration, energy & power, transportation, industrial, fugitive capture, and agriculture.

The projects that we finance can range from a few million to tens of millions USD and have included landfill gas, carbon capture and sequestration, N20 abatement, coal mine methane, and wastewater treatment systems.

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