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Fidelity Growth Partners

Contact: Davor Hebel
Work 25 Cannon Street London EC4M 5TA United Kingdom Work Phone: +44 (0)207 074 5610 Website: http://www.fidelitygrowthpartners.com


Fidelity Growth Partners (FGP) a subsidiary of Fidelity Investments is a network of venture funds including FGP Europe, Fidelity Asia Ventures, FGP India, as well as Fidelity Biosciences.

FGP Europe makes investments in first outside round and follow-on opportunities ranging from $1 to $5 million in Europe and Israel. FGP Europe’s recently opened our first venture and growth equity fund solely focused on European technology companies in consumer and enterprise technologies and cleantech. Some examples of the sectors we focus on are: Software including SaaS, mobile and vertical applications, Cloud computing infrastructure, Data services, Energy and resource efficiency, and Healthcare IT.

FGP India focuses on mid-sized companies seeking investments from $10 to $50 million. We are sector agnostic and have built deep expertise across a wide range of sectors including Technology, Media, Telecom, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Education, Infrastructure, Energy, Logistics, Financial Services and Retail.

Fidelity Asia Ventures focuses on the Healthcare and ICT sectors. Fidelity Biosciences invests venture capital in private biopharmaceutical and medical technology companies.

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