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Earth Capital Partners LLP

Contact: James Stacey
Work 3rd Floor 34 St James’s Street London SW1A 1HD United Kingdom Work Phone: 020 7811 4500 Website: http://www.earthcp.com


Earth Capital Partners (ECP) is an investment management business, offering a platform of sustainable investment products. Each ECP product is launched with a specific focus on a sustainable asset investment theme, geography and investment style.  ECP provides investors with a stable platform for investment into the new sustainable asset growth sectors at scale. Themes include renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable agriculture and forestry, water and clean technologies.  

ECP’s investment platform currently includes two funds. The ECP Renewable Energy Fund One LP, which invests in solar and biomass-to-energy infrastructure using mature technologies in the European Union and, as opportunities arise, in other European countries, the Middle East and North Africa. The ECP Forestry Fund One LP, which will invest in plantation timberland managed in accordance with sustainable forest management practices in Latin America, predominantly in Brazil.

In the medium term, ECP is also interested in deepening and broadening the range of our fund offerings, to include earlier stage venture and expansion capital and a wider range of geographies and sustainable asset investment themes.

Categories: $5M or more, Africa, Agriculture / Forestry, Central & South America, Eastern & Central Europe, Energy: Biomass, Energy: Solar, Equity, Middle East, Project Finance, Project Finance, Project Finance, Western Europe
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