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Bessemer Venture Partners

Contact: Justin Label
Work 535 Middlefield Road Suite 245 Menlo Park California 94025 United States Work Phone: 650-853-7000 Website: http://www.bvp.com/


In 1911, Henry Phipps founded Bessemer Securities to reinvest the proceeds of his sale of Carnegie Steel for the benefit of his descendents. The start-up investment operations were spun out into Bessemer Venture Partners. We typically make investments at the first outside round and follow-on stage. Our investments have ranged from $500K to $25 million. Our regional focus is North America, Israel, and India.

Bessemer has a number of investment practice areas including cleantech, cloud computing, data security, financial services, healthcare, and online retail. We define our clean technology practice area as companies focused on developing technologies that use (increasingly expensive) commodities more efficiently, emit fewer greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming, address the challenge posed by an already strained infrastructure, and rely on energy resources to which there is stable access.

Bessemer’s Cleantech practice began in 2005. Portfolio companies include   Exclara (LEDs), Miasolé (solar), Applied Solar Technologies, CPower (energy management), Orient Green Power (renewable energy development), PowerGenix (energy storage), and Shriram EPC Ltd (pollution control engineering).

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