Middle East

AquAgro Fund

Contact: Hillel Milo
Work 6 Kaufman St. Beit Gibor 14th Floor Tel Aviv POB 17 Israel Work Phone: +972(3)7954111 Website: http://www.aquagrofund.com/


AquAgro Fund, L.P. is a venture capital fund focused on Israel’s innovative water and agriculture technologies, as well as other innovative clean technologies. Our investments to date have ranged from 2-4 million USD. Investments will be made by the Fund at different stages of development i.e. from early stage (including seed stage) to late-stage companies, with an emphasis on early revenue and expansion stage companies.

We are interested in state-of-the-art Water related technologies, including but not limited to filtering and water recycling, computerized irrigation management and control, automated fertigation (liquid fertilization via the irrigation systems) and efficient use of recycled water for agriculture and industry; Advanced Agro High-Tech and Agro-Biotechnology, including but not limited to development of new hybrid and organic seeds, products for "boutique" agriculture; (including without limitation, health foods, herbal plants, functional foods, high value crops, etc.), greenhouses and automated growth facilities and environmental friendly food production using organic practices, modern packing houses and fresh food post-harvest technologies; and other Cleantech Fields – companies whose products or services are dedicated to the efficient use of natural resources (energy, water and air) and to the reduction of the ecological impact of production by creating less waste or toxicity), including but not limited to energy generation, energy storage, energy infrastructure, energy efficiency and logistics, air quality, environmental IT and enabling technologies.

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