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AUSFIRST Innovation

Contact: John Rivett
Work PO Box 1067 Noosa Heads Queensland 4567 United States Work Phone: 07 5474 5037 Website:


AusFirst pools individual ‘angel’ investor capital into unlisted investment companies in order to make investments in seed and early stage companies located in Australia. Our investments typically range from $500K to $2 million AUD. AusFirst’s Supported Ventures have approximately 14,500 direct and indirect shareholders. We now call these investors "AusFirst Angels".

We typically invest in new consumer products, manufacturing technologies, however, we are working on creating investment companies directed towards Eco Energy and AusFirst Water Venture. Within the clean technology sector we presently have investments in AEI Hydrogen (hydrogen), Andrews Power (HVAC efficiency), GSE Resources One (biomass), Harcourt Engine (transportation), and Hoecker Technology (green building).

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