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Alliance of Angels

Contact: Susannah Malarkey
Work 1301 5th Avenue, Suite 2500 Seattle Washington 98101 United States Work Phone: (206) 389-7258 Website:


The Alliance of Angels (AoA) is a program of the Technology Alliance (TA) – a statewide network of businesses, research institutions, and industry trade associations dedicated to the common vision of an abundance of healthy and growing technology-based businesses in an expanding Washington state economy.

AoA receives member-referred as well as unreferred business plans daily. We invest in technology / high growth companies currently headquartered in the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Montana, Idaho and lower British Columbia), at the "early stage" of growth,  with a minimum of $250k and a maximum of $2 million investment requirement.

AoA primarily has investments in consumer products, biotechnology, ICT sectors but we also have stakes in new materials (Novinium), and renewable energy companies (Washington Biodiesel LLC).

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