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Agora Partnerships

Contact: Paul Davidson
Work Colonia Centroamerica Edificio Corporacion Roberto Teran Managua Nicaragua Work Phone: (011-505) 270-2700 Website:


Agora Partnerships is a community development venture capital firm that operates within Nicuragua. We typically make seed stage investments of equity and debt between USD $25,000 to $250,000 with companies that operate in sectors where developing countries have a natural competitive or comparative advantage such as eco-tourism, sustainable agriculture, value-added manufacturing and agricultural processing, organic foods.

Companies we invest in must be cash flow positive or capable of becoming cash flow positive within 18 month. Firms must also be able to create a clear and articulated social impact – whether through jobs, protecting the environment, or providing products or services to low income populations. We do not typically make investments in companies with significant technological risk.

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