Less than $250,000

Vested for Growth

Contact: John Hamilton
Work 7 Wall Street Concord New Hampshire 03301 United States Work Phone: 603.856.0729 Website: http://www.vestedforgrowth.com/


VfG invests only in New Hampshire-based companies that share the VfG business philosophy, offer a strong growth proposition, and offer a range of jobs, including positions for individuals who do not have post-high school education. VfG invests mainly in early stage companies, during a growth or succession phase.

Typical prospects have $2 million to $20 million in annual sales, 10 to 200 employees, and gross profit margins of 25% or higher. VFG typically invests between $100,000 to $500,000 per portfolio company. As VFG is often only part of the overall financial package, the total capitalization package including senior debt, VFG, and equity can be much higher. Typical deal scenarios with VfG include a debt package and potentially royalty fees based upon a percentage of revenue. Do date VfG has not made any investments in the clean technology, however our funding is sector neutral and we are interested in a variety of opportunities within the state of New Hampshire.

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