Less than $250,000

VCi Green Funds

Contact: Tom Rand
Work 515 Palmerston Blvd Toronto Ontario M6G 2P2 Canada Work Phone: (416) 937-7381 Website: http://www.vcigreenfunds.com/


The VCi Green Fund is a private equity fund, founded in the Fall of 2005. We can invest anywhere from $50K to just over $1 million. The fund is focused specifically on investing in technologies that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from energy use, particularly carbon dioxide. Efficiencies and alternate energy sources are each considered target areas of application. Our first efforts are in transportation, building retrofits, geothermal and wind energy. All of our investments are followed up with a seat on the board. We invest primarily in Canada but under exceptional circumstances in the USA. Please direct all inquiries to info@vcigreenfunds.com.

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