Less than $250,000


Contact: Tonni Bülow-Nielsen
Work Strandvejen 104 A Hellerup DK-2900 Denmark Work Phone: +45 35 29 86 74 Website: http://www.vf.dk/


Vaekstfonden is a Danish government backed investment fund. We invest in life sciences, information technology, clean technology, design, new materials, industry, and business services. Our mission is to facilitate the growth of visionary Danish companies in need of capital.

Vaekstfonden invests from 1 -25 million Krone  ($200K – $5 million) in Danish businesses and has co-financed growth in more than 3,500 Danish companies since 1992, with a total of DKK 6.5 billion invested. We invest with equity or loans in partnership with private investors.

Within the clean technology sector we presently have investments in  EnvoTherm (water), MicroShade (integrated shading), Shark Solutions (recycling), and Stirling (biomass energy systems).

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